Practicing mountain activities requires good health, no medical indication against and a physical shape suitable for the chosen activity.
-For canyoning, it is imperative to know how to swim and have more than 10 years.
-For mountain biking: know how to pilote on a mountain terrain.
-For heliskiing: a very good off-piste skiing level (or snowboarding) and have more than 16 years old.
Minors: Minors must have the permission of their parents. They must be accompanied during the activity by an adult who’s in charge.

Once the booking is made and confirmed by us, any registration for an activity which price exceed € 70 will be confirmed upon receipt of a deposit .
When a person takes the registration on behalf of another person or group, it is his responsibility to pass all the information that is being given, to all the other(s) participant(s).

Participation in an activity requires to carefully follow the instructions given by the guides.
The mountain guide is regularly trained to manage risks and reduce them. Some risks, because of their complex or random characters for example, can not be completely avoided (rockfalls, ice avalanches, crevasse falls, avalanches etc.).. You must accept this before you register .

It is the responsibility of each participant to verify its coverage (liability, evacuation research etc …).
It is compulsory to be insured for liability and mountain rescue to participate in activities.
The mountain guide has professional liability insurance which can’t be in any way a substitute to yours.

Prices shown are only for mountain guide services and do not include freight, lifts, meals, lodging, guide fees (meals, accommodation in a refuge …), rent equipment (crampons, ski …) .

For group outings, there must be a minimum of participants which varies depending on the activity, to ensure departure. The maximum number of participants varies depending on the activity and is chosen regarding the safety and the comfort of the group.

Generally, the weather is not a cause for cancellation unless the guide believes it threatens the safety of participants.

A-Cancellation during the course of the activity:
A1-Cancellation from the guide:
Activities may be changed or canceled by the guide to the views of weather forecasts, conditions on the ground and the safety of the group. When the activity is canceled due to a defect attributable to the participant (inadequate training, failure to follow instructions etc …), this one will not be entitled to any refund.
A2-Cancellation by the client:
The price of the activity is entirely due.

B-Cancellation before the start of the activity:
B1-Cancellation from the guide (bad weather, mountain conditions etc …), payments for guide services are reimbursed. No other compensation will be paid.
B2-Cancellation by the client:
-Less than 7 days from the date of the event: 100% of fees are due Guide.
-Between 15 and 7 days before the event, the deposit is retained.
-More than 15 days before the activity: the amount paid will be refunded.

By participating in one of our activities , you expressly agree that your image can be used for promotional and advertising purposes on all our medias ( Videos, Photos , Website, Social Networks  etc…) unless written request from you. In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and freedoms, you have a right to access and correct or delete information about you.